“Thank you from the bottom of my heart for guiding me through my personal and emotional healing and growth over the last year.  I am still overwhelmed with gratitude when I stop to reflect on where I started and where I am now.

I have found my voice again and I am saying things I want to say, I have found my tears again and I have cried tears of joy as well, and I have found my body again and I am living in it instead of in spite of it. I believe in and am so thankful for the process and the tools you have given me; It gives me peace and confidence knowing that I have a compassionate and patient guide in you.” – Associate Director, Assistant Professor, Denver

“In a single session with Jessica, I experience empowerment and healing.
Our discussions inspire positive energy and confidence, and the awareness that I am complete. Jessica is always searching for the perfect tools to help me grow.” – J.A.

“Jessica–Your ability to help me safely gain a better understanding of who I am and how I feel is a gift.  Because of your wide range of learning and experience, you have an excellent tool kit to help me choose coping strategies, while I become more aware of my process in transition.   I can’t wait each time we meet to dig in!”  – J.P.

“Jessica McCrea is an authentic and powerful business coach.  She has an intuitive and incisive skill in zeroing in on the core of the challenge, whether business or personal, and helps you to find an efficient and effective way to meet that challenge.  Jessica helped guide me to improve my business relationships, build a network of support, take better care of myself, and feel happier while meeting the daily demands of a rapidly growing business.” – M.A., Realtor

“I am a small business owner, and I hired Jessica as a coach to help me with some challenges of family time versus business time as well as some other personal challenges. She was FANTASTIC – empathetic, motivational, results- oriented, and knowledgeable as to how to help me help myself. My time with Jessica was one of the best investments I’ve made…”  – L.R.Y., Entrepreneur

“Jessica McCrea, Psy.D  is an esteemed colleague, Advisor, and  Business Coach with Pursuits Coaching and Wellness Network. Jessica is innovative and passionate and extremely effective in her approach with clients. I heartily recommend her services and expertise in helping clients achieve their goals and vision.” – Sharla Macy, CEO,  Pursuits Coaching and Wellness Network

“In working with Jessica, I have made concrete improvements in my professional performance. Jessica helped give me tools to improve my communication with clients, to increase the volume of my work, and to gain new clients through better marketing. She held me accountable for implementing the strategies we designed.  As I work in a mostly male field, Jessica helped me to advocate for myself even better, and to become more focused both at work and at home with my family.” – S.S., Attorney

“Dr. McCrea has been my therapist for the past twelve years. I cannot give her enough praise for all she has done to help me cope with life’s adversities and learn to deal with my inner self. She is a true gift.” –  S.W.

“Thank you so much for all of your help. I think we made a lot of progress together. I feel much more prepared to be on my own and deal with my issues.” – A.C., Graduate Student

“I cannot recommend Jessica McCrea highly enough!  She is skilled, focused, affirmative, and kind. At times, Jessica is almost visionary, keeping an eye on my higher purpose.“ – S.H.C., Psychologist & Life Coach

“I’m very glad I found you. You’re really warm, compassionate, insightful, and creative, finding the right thing that works for a given situation. You have a large toolbox of skills, ranging from talk and cognitive therapy, to body-centered approaches, to EMDR. You helped me through a very difficult period, for which I am very grateful.” – Science Educator

“I wanted to take a minute to tell you how grateful I am for you.  The connection we have and your investment in knowing me is very clear as is the progress.” – VP, Business Development