“I continue strengthening my own will power using your techniques. The results are stunning. My professional life became more balanced, and even more interestingly, my sports abilities are thru the roof. There is some kind of mental strength that I’ve never felt before. My athletic coaches keep raising their eye brows about how quickly i get in shape and how far i can go…all my sports buddies keep telling me the same thing, and i continue doing sports and competing in competitions leading the charge. It’s amazing!”
T.M., Senior Director, Marketing
“Thank you again for all you help. You’ve changed my perspective on life and people. It is really amazing how being present and kind can affect the teams I lead.”
A.T., Manager

Here are the types of gains my business coaching clients make:

  • greater capacity for creativity and innovation
  • overcoming beliefs that limit success
  • improved communication skills and better boundaries at work
  • less emotional reactivity at work, greater calm
  • increased productivity with effortlessness
  • improved focus
  • enhanced lifestyle design
  • boosts in self care to sustain positive energy at work
  • a positive mindset
  • clearer vision and alignment with self and purpose
  • enhanced leadership skills

Do you want to flourish in your professional life?

If you choose to approach your career as a pathway to consciousness, you can achieve true excellence.

If you are a leader, manager, or entrepreneur, you know that it can be hard to stay centered under stress. You are more likely to feel better regulated by allowing yourself to be tracked by another. This is particularly true if you engage a coach who offers a holistic method, one that facilitates stress management, meditation and mindfulness practice, and the cultivation of a positive mindset.

Harvard Business Review states about coaching “To best help themselves, professionals need to draw on the expertise of psychotherapists.” I bring to coaching wisdom and skills that I’ve gained from two decades of facilitating change in the clinical realm.   I also offer a  toolkit of leading-edge techniques that I learned as a licensed clinician adapted for the needs of my coaching clients.  These techniques include tools for confidence-building, calm and focus, expanding performance, cultivating inner resources, and shifting beliefs about yourself at work.

As a business coach, my goal is to utilize the challenges you face in your career as a springboard to grow your self-awareness so you can move to a whole new level in your work and in your life. How would it feel to you to be more regulated, focused, calm, and confident, and connected?

I view the coaching relationship as a safe haven, where you can discuss any felt sense of limitations or frustrating patterns in your work, as well as your successes in trying out new beliefs and behaviors. My clients find the mutual attention to their process at work, along with the techniques to expand their potential, extremely valuable.

What do you think it would be like to have that kind of support for your career?

I’ve worked with numerous entrepreneurs, creatives, leaders and managers, and it’s been a joy to see them bring greater mindfulness, vitality, innovation and communication skills to the workplace. They often reap the benefits of greater abundance.

It is my honor to offer you a clearing where we can reflect together and help you feel more in flow, heart-centered, creative and ALIVE in your work.

I provide coaching on the phone, SKYPE, or at my office in downtown Boulder.

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