Not Good Enough?

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I’m surprised how often my clients, even those quite successful in their professions, report struggling with the core belief “I’m not good enough.” This belief is very closely linked to the feeling of shame, which is just about the densest experience a person can have.

The Only Diagnosis

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As a psychologist, I am trained to discern among a variety of mental diagnoses. Yet I wonder, is there a common denominator to them? Rob Williams, founder of a powerful belief-shifting technique I offer clients called Psych-K, says, “I think there is really only one disorder: I call it ‘the illusion of separation’. If you [...]

The Power of Imagination

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In my work, I am continually blown away by the inborn creative capacity my clients have to shift their state of mind and body. I’ve come to the conclusion that imagination is a powerful tool in healing. See, much of your brain doesn’t know the difference between whether you are imagining something or really experiencing [...]

Addicted to Emotions?

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Have you ever found yourself unable to get out of the rut of a negative frame of mind?  According to author Joe Dispenza, emotions can become addictive because your body becomes conditioned to memorizing the emotions associated with your core beliefs.   Dispenza writes, “These emotions, which are nothing more than the chemical records of past [...]

A Healing Perspective

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“I just want to get rid of this anxiety,” is a familiar refrain in my consulting room. It’s natural that when we are in distress, we fantasize about a surgical approach to mental health. However, a more holistic perspective can better serve. One definition of healing is “to make whole”. Within this framework, symptoms like [...]